Due to the weather state of emergency in Philadelphia, expected high snow accumulation totals and frigid temperatures, all Philadelphia WIC offices will be closed on Monday, March 3rd. Please contact your WIC office on Tuesday to reschedule your appointment.


NORTH, INC. is the non-profit organization that manages the WIC Program in Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia WIC Program is the largest, single county program in the Commonwealth. WIC provides benefits and sevices to more than 49,000 women, infants and children in Philadelphia County. There are 18 primary WIC offices which are located in two City Health Centers, five community health centers, in the three major children’s hospitals and in eight free standing offices which are not connected to any health care facility. In addition the Mobile WIC office provides services to participants in 28 satellite offices that the staff visit once a month – 16 high schools, seven community health centers and 5 shelters.

The WIC staff at NORTH, Inc. includes 14 nutrition professional staff, five student nutritionists, three breastfeeding counselors and 115 para-professionals, this includes eighteen technical WIC office supervisors.

The Mobile Office is located at 642 North Broad Street. The six full and part time staff at this office visits the 28 satellite sites in addition to providing services to participants in the office five days each week. You will be observing services provided to these participants.

We welcome you to our Agency and encourage you to participate in working with us to empower the members of our target population to improve their health and nutritional status.